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Traveling With Your Entire Life In A Single Bag

by Chandan Sawera on January 20, 2021


Long term traveling is a frightening thought, knowing that you’ll be leaving everything behind. Narrowing down your important items which will provide the most utility is difficult, even for the most seasoned globetrotters. Where does one even start packing? How much will you need? How much is too much?
Whether you’re a first time or a veteran, traveling solo or in a group, owns only a laptop bag, duffel bag or maybe a small travel bag, everyone is looking to begin their own adventuring tales. So we’ve prepared some questions and tips to help overcome your hoarder habits so you can be a pre-packing expert.

What is the purpose of pursing traveling?

Many people have different motive inspiring them to take up traveling. From inspiring creativity, finding oneself, understanding others or even trying to improve your character. Before you can set out and achieve any of the above stated reasons, you first need to define the purpose and motivate behind your actions. Answering this will influence heavily how and where you’ll be traveling, as well as what’ll be in the bag you will be carrying.

Some other specific questions to keep in mind:

  • How long is your trip?
  • What primary activities will you be partaking in?
  • Will you be working?
  • What will you be spending more of your time doing?
  • Are there any absolute necessities you require?


What will your itinerary look like?


Figure out what the answer to any and all your questions is the first and hardest step. Where will you be traveling? Will you be traveling to different cities? How is the environment in said city? After that, look into potential locations and the activities they provide.

Your bag will differ vastly from somebody going to a city full of leisure when compared to a person going to a cultured village. Make a list of activity-appropriate gear to ensure greater ease when the packing process rolls around.


Be firm with your choices


Take a stance and fight against your instincts of, “I may need this!’ or “I will use this once or twice!” Although this may be true, your space is limited and you will be literally carrying all of your possessions, so choose wisely. The last thing you need is for unnecessary items to be weighing you down.

It is important to know what you can and cannot leave behind. Look for items which will serve as multifunctioning in a variety of situations, rather than just one item for one situation.

Depending on your budget and flexibility, if you somehow managed to forget a particular item, you can hopefully pick up that or a similar item in the place you’ll be traveling to.