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Food Hygiene at Workplace for Lunch Bags.

by Chandan Sawera on March 20, 2021


For a lot of us, our office has been one place where we spent the highest number of living hours. It really becomes ‘home away from home’ where people create special bonds with their colleagues and share work experiences. We normally spend so much of our time at work, that it's natural that we develop everlasting relationships in the workplace.

It is a known fact that food is something that brings people together. Having a meal together at the workplace not only offers a chance to take a step back from your hectic work schedule but also provides you with an opportunity to connect with your colleagues and talk about your personal lives.

The pre-covid era witnessed employees going out for team lunches, sitting together to eat, laugh, and reflect on the hard work. Office birthday parties involved cake-and-singing, and ordering of outside food to celebrate your co-worker. Such group bonding initiatives really reinforced the ideas of teamwork and collaboration.

A buffet-style meal set in a conference room or the cafeteria buzzing with lunch-goers at noon used to be a common sight during lunch breaks at offices. Morning community breakfasts looked a lot different before the onset of the pandemic. Co-workers sitting and eating together in a cramped common space and talking about their personal lives would not be considered a rule-breaking habit.

Social distancing during lunch hours was something for which no one was prepared. Life looked a lot different.

Social distance lunch bag from Urban Tribe

The pandemic brought with it new rules related to food hygiene and social distancing in workplaces. Not only this, it completely changed the way we eat and what we eat at offices.

With the emergence of COVID-19, group meal breaks posed an infection risk. Staff members were asked to maintain appropriate space while lunching in the cafeteria. People started talking about safety and hygiene measures related to food delivery and eating out at restaurants. The fun-filled days of birthday celebration and eating together with the leftover birthday cake in the office kitchen went on hold.

Food hygiene became of utmost importance. Maintaining a clean work environment was critical in ensuring that the virus does not grow on surfaces and then contaminates food. Many companies introduced new rules to ensure lesser people populate and use break rooms, kitchens, or other eating areas simultaneously.


As companies and employees started adapting to the new normal, an interesting change in food habits has been noticed. The pandemic brought with it rising concern towards ordering outside food or going for a quick lunch break to their favorite nearby restaurant.

Employees started bringing their own home-cooked food in their lunch bags. Since many people avoided eating from outside, people starting bringing extra food or eatables to make it through an eight-hour hectic work schedule. This called for carrying a bigger and Spacious Lunch Bag where u can keep more food items for a whole day. Sometimes when employees have to go outside to attend meetings, they tend to carry not only a hearty lunch but some snacks on the go. Lunch Bags for Travel should possess multiple compartments and offer plenty of room to keep your food separate from the other things in your bag.


In the current times, lunch bags for adults have come a long way from those earlier days when people used to carry a classic bulky tiffin. Now, Compact Lunch Bags are available in the market that is amazingly diverse and custom-designed to exactly fit your lunch needs.

Urban Tribe Lunch Bags are the perfect lunch box that you can carry to your workplace. Now your lunch bag will be roomy enough to fit an entire day’s worth of food. We know how delicious, and healthy homemade food can brighten up those dull days at work. Hence, Urban Tribe offers varied types of lunch bags to carry with you wherever you go. We have designed some of the best lunch bags available on the market today, to make your search for that perfect lunch buddy a little easier.

Our bags are extremely spacious and constructed sturdy enough to withstand a few years of abuse. It contains one main compartment which is best for holding larger meals in your lunchboxes with a net sleeve and a small one for your snacks or fruit. The provision of an additional three-inch expander makes the bag even more spacious. Keeping in mind the current needs to keep our hands clean and hygienic, we have provided a dog hook inside the net pocket to hang your hand-sanitizer bottle. It also contains a Zipper Pocket at the bottom which comes with a place-mat to eat comfortably wherever you are! Urban Tribe Lunch bags are made with antibacterial material. It is a perfect lunch bag for taking to your workplaces or schools with waterproof and anti-bacterial lining which is also flame resistant and would help you keep your food warm.

We understand your importance for lunch bags to be easy and comfortable while carrying around. Hence, Urban Tribe provides a one-hand handle at the top of the lunch bag and a detachable strap to carry it hands-free. It can also be adjusted for your ease. The best thing about our bags is that they can be carried wherever you go due to their compact, lightweight, and sleek design. The sober colors of our bags are versatile enough to work with any wardrobe. The truly unique designs are professional enough for any work environment.

Enjoy the goodness and comfort of a home-cooked meal in a well-structured lunch bag.

Lunch bags from Urban Tribe


Now there is no reason why you cannot bring your scrumptious homemade food to the office. Carry your kind of lunch to work, in one of the most convenient and stylish lunch bags that suits you best. Say bye-bye to those days of carrying multiple lunch bags to bring yourself enough food for the whole day.

Happy Luncheon!


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