Why YOU Should Be Excited To Travel After COVID-19

We haven’t been able to move around as much as we like ever since the lockdown began in our country due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) became a global crisis. Luckily, not many of us have fallen ill with the virus and we’re relatively healthy due to the precautions we’re taking. That, of course, leads to the downside of note being able to travel. So today we’re going to talk about why you should be excited to travel after COVID-19 is over.

Us travellers have been affected hard. Boarders have been closed, aeroplanes grounded, entire countries shut. And to make things worse, the virus is predicted to stick around for over a year or two, even if our best efforts to contain the virus are successful. Medical News Today published an article detailing how long COVID-19 will likely last here.

So the question arises, when will be able to travel again? The answer is still up in the air, but until then, we can do our best to give you our list of reason why you should be excited to travel after the COVID-19 Pandemic is over! This, of course, is our opinion and may vary from the actual outcome when it comes time to reopen the travel industry.

Discounts Everywhere

If you haven’t noticed or connected the dots, the world economy is in a steady decline because of how the virus has essentially locked down the world. No businesses are open other than essentials, no money flowing through any markets and the consumer is spending mostly on essentials. So here is what we think will happen.

Businesses will be hungry to lure people itching to travel with huge discounts. This also serves to recoup the money they have lost while they were forced to stay closed. And to make things better, travellers will have saved up a decent amount of money due to not spending or living their usual lifestyle.

So what we can expect is that the budgets of travellers will increase severely while businesses will do everything they can to earn the money they have lost during the lockdown. So as a hungry traveller or even people who haven’t yet got into travelling, this may be the absolute best time to finally start ticking off your bucket list.

Tourism Will Skyrocket

There is no doubt about it. Tourism will see a sharp increase, probably higher than ever. Expect many tourism world records to be broken. With how irritated and uneasy everybody is stuck inside their houses, many (including myself) will grab the first opportunity presented to us and start travelling.

This won’t be the only thing encouraging citizens to get out and travel. Other countries who rely on tourism for their economy or are looking to stabilize their economies will be encouraging everybody to start spending their saved up money on travelling. 

New Services Available

There will be no doubt that the lingering fear of the Coronavirus will be floating around amongst the people and within their minds. That may be the deciding factor which stops them from wanting to travel until a safer time period is declared. This in it of itself will force brands to innovate and come up with newer ways to reassure their customers that travelling with them is safe and they follow the correct or new procedures. 

Brands will be forced to change themselves in order to be perceived better in the public eye. So you can expect businesses to be more meaningful, insightful, positive and most importantly, honest with their practices, how they follow their protocols and what kinds of precautions they are taking to ensure our safety.

Think about how they will handle your luggage, how you will check-in, interacting with other staff, and how they clean your accommodations. This hygiene factor, in my opinion, will be the deciding factor in determining whether travelling brands will be able to survive or wither away when it comes time to reopen their business.

A Cleaner Environment

It’s been all over the news. The COVID-19 pandemic, although extremely detrimental to us, has had something positive about itself. And that positive aspect is that it’s making the planet greener. 

Animals have been seen roaming the streets, even previously thought to be extinct animals have been spotted. The carbon emission levels have plummeted to a new low and pollution in the water are clearing up. This is shaping earth to be a much beautiful and healthier place. 

Yes, this is a wake-up call to all humans about how we’re treating the environment and how we should start taking the necessary steps to ensure that the environment only improves itself. 

Travelling at this time will be a sight to behold. Greener, more lush surroundings, animals, cleaner air to breathe in and so much more. Nature lovers, in particular, will have a blissful time experiencing travelling while these conditions are still present after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Say Goodbye To Restlessness

This is more of a personal reason, but we’re sure everyone can relate. We’ve all felt some form of uneasiness while stuck at home, not being able to move freely as we always did. And as we continue to be locked up in quarantine, the better feeling of euphoria we will experience once we’re able to go back to having our freedom again.

Metaphorical shackles will fall off of our arms, the negative feeling on our shoulders will be lifted and the feeling of a down we all feel will clear up once we’re able to meet our friends and loved and do what we all enjoy the most, travelling. So are you excited to travel after this pandemic is over? We sure are! But if you feel like you’re unprepared in terms of packing for your next trip, we’ve got you covered! Check out our solution to Traveling With Your Entire Life In A Single Bag!

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