The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Travelling

Travelling is something everybody should do at some point in their life. This isn’t a suggestion, it’s a hard fact. There will be others voicing their opinions about how dangerous travelling can be and will do their very best to avoid it. So, I’ve compiled a detailed list of the advantages and disadvantages of travelling. Looking for more reasons to travel or trying to convert a sceptic? Then you’ve come to the correct place! Now, without further ado, here are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling.



Learning Experience

Whether it be exploring your state, country or the world, travelling immerses you in the discoveries and experiences it has to offer. Along the way, you’re going to find yourself learning new things. Travelling is a learning experience as itself, making you understand how big the world is, uncover the beauties of the various cultures you’ll come across and finding out your true self. 

Setting out to travel is an exciting thing, knowing that countless possibilities await. Each country hosts culture and activities unique to the region, like the variety of foods you’ll find around, the locally brewed drinks and the festivals they celebrate. During your travels, you’ll come across the local languages and how they go about their days, which will open your eyes to see how people are so different yet similar. 

Languages are beautiful. They’re spoken with phrases and expressions which you may be able to connect back to your native language. Although they may be difficult to understand (see a later point) if you’ve given enough time and effort, you’ll be able to understand enough to get yourself around and maybe one day, speak it fluently. 

A magnificent ability of being a traveller is that you are not only a citizen to your home country but also the world which gives you the opportunity to learn as much as possible, wherever you go.

Enjoy Life

As you travel on the road, you’ll open yourself up to more experiences and meet new people who will be willing to tell you theirs. And as you meet more and more people, you’ll learn new skills, lessons and make new friends. 

Travelling enables people to be freer, live with less stress and enjoy what life has to offer. Many people may have a portrayal of themselves in their head which is often untrue. During your time on the road, you may end up discovering yourself. Travelling puts you in situations you normally don’t find yourself in and if you’re a solo traveller, you’ll have no choice but to rely on yourself. This is where your potential comes out and where you will begin to truly enjoy life. 

When you travel, you learn to love the small and big things, the planned and spontaneous events, the challenging yet breathtaking scenarios. So I recommend you sit back, relax and absorb the scenic adventure that awaits you.

Meeting New People

More than seeing new sights and exploring what the world has to offer, I would say the most thrilling experience of travelling is meeting new people. You’ll find all kinds of different characters, make new friends or who knows? Maybe even find love. 

Meeting new people isn’t just that. You’re going to come across people who may offer you a helping hand during a time of need or end up lending your aid. One of the most satisfying feelings is meeting the few people that still do good out of their own volition. 

For a more uncommon connection, let’s say you’re out travelling and meet a like-minded stranger. You two hit it off and due to an off-handed mention of their line of work or business, you’ve established a relationship with a business acquaintance. You’ve just made a valued business partner! 

When you’re meeting new people from around the world, you get a first-hand understanding of just how unique each group of people are in the locations you end up visiting.

Changing Perspectives

If you know somebody who has travelled extensively and returned without any noticeable changes, they’re doing it wrong. Travelling opens up endless possibilities of doors to adventure and fun. With all these experiences you’ll go through, you may find yourself being reinvented as a different person, with your true self emerging. I can’t say this is the case for everyone but in my personal experience, I’ve become more independent and proactive when approaching situations.

Digging deeper, you may find yourself becoming more empathetic towards the people you end up meeting on your journey. Their struggles, their way of life and the different solutions they have all greatly impacted me. 

Just as everyone in this world lives in a different style compared to our own, integrating those behaviour patterns into our routine adds efficiency and makes you more knowledgable to tackle a multitude of situations. In a nutshell, your life could end up taking an entirely new direction.  


If I had to describe travelling in 1 word, I would say memorable. Every destination you go to, every person you meet and every sight seen creates unforgettable memories. It’s the experiences you go through which allows you to escape your day-to-day life and embrace nature, the cities or the people around you. 

The pictures are captures sights to behold. While you travel, you’ll notice 2 types of people: those who enjoy the moments and people who want to immortalized their memories through photos. Being able to take pictures of a scenic place is sometimes the main appeal for wanting to travel, and I have been guilty of this. 

Other than pictures and experiences, funny encounters, specific people, good deeds and joyful scenarios all happen and make trips memorable. 




There are budget ways to travel and not everybody needs to be a millionaire to see the world but at times travelling expenses can add up quickly. This is especially true if you travel during peak season or a lavish destination, such as France, Dubai or New York 

There are tips and tricks to travel on a budget and still have an equally amazing experience, but people have different wants. Everybody can admit that there is a certain euphoria when shopping, but that was soon followed by the realization that they accidentally spent too much and travelling is no different. A few lakhs which you’ve been saving up for the last few years will only get you so far in the international scene.

As stated earlier, you don’t need to be rich to see and travel the world. Many people have overcome the obstacle that is money and have seen the world with their eyes. You will need equipment to travel around, so why not check out our travel and budget-friendly backpacks?

Impact On The Environment

Travelling has an unfavourable impact on our ecosystem, due to flights. There are more environmentally friendly methods of travel, but the more preferred mode of transport is by air, which has a giant carbon footprint. 

There are alternative travelling practises to reduce your carbon footprint such as backpacking, travelling inland, avoiding plastic altogether and taking public modes of transport. Not all of these can be followed strictly when travelling due to how uncertain life can be, but being environmentally conscious is enough to be a responsible traveller. 

Language Barrier

Regions all across the globe have languages and slang which their people are accustomed to. So no matter where you travel, whether it be inland or across the ocean, unless you’re a language genius, you’re going to run into a people and suffer from a language barrier. 

This won’t be permanent, as, during the longer trips, you’ll slowly become more comfortable with the language, begin to understand it, to the point where you’ll begin picking up on certain words and speaking it yourself. An activity you can do before travelling is finding out the language spoken there, learn a few words such as how to say please, thank you, or words which will help point you in the right direction. 

For shorter trips, if you find yourself unprepared, a modern solution is simply using Google translate. Although it isn’t as reliable as knowing the language, it should be enough to provide the bare minimum and get you around.


Everybody will at one point miss their home. Be it the one-off trip or an attempted escape from your daily life, there will be a point where an overwhelming feeling takes over and will make you want to go home. After a while of hotel hopping, sleeping in unknown environments and sleeping on friend’s couches, it’s bound to happen. 

“Home is where the heart lies” and this saying rings true with anybody who has been away from theirs for an extended period of time. Your home is where you can be comfortable, be yourself and it doesn’t end there. 

Your parents, siblings, lovers, friends and pets are to be taken into consideration. Even if you’re not particularly close to family, it’s a natural human reaction to long for our comfort space. 


Although this may not seem like such a big issue for most people, I personally have had a bad experience with transportation during my travels. Public transportation can be fun but at the same time, very confusing for first-time travellers in unfamiliar countries.

Getting lost is part of the experience but that’s exactly the last thing some people want after a long day of walking around the city or a delayed flight. Sometimes you can read the signs or indicators. Maybe people try to rip you off. You could get onto the wrong bus.

Budget travellers have to put up with this as they don’t have the luxury of taking a vehicle everywhere they go. Sure renting a car is an option, but there’s still more to consider. No, this does not affect every traveller, but if you’re looking to be punctual while solely relying on public transport, you’re gonna have a slightly bad time. 


That creeping feeling you have at the back of your head urging you to travel? That’s an addiction beginning to form and boy, oh boy, it can end up being a costly one. There is a certain high which travelling can give people new places, reaching new heights or just experiences newer things. 

If you’re prone to quickly developing an addiction for activities you’ve grown fond of, I suggest not travelling every chance you get. Before you know it, you’ll be looking to recreate the rush of discovering new places, meeting new people and trying new foods. If you can, take up a hobby which will provide you with an equally exhilarating experience and one which will not burn a hole in your pockets. 

Now I’d be lying if I said both the pros and cons stacked up evenly to each other. To state it blatantly, the pros outweigh the cons any day of the week. I know there will be people out there saying that travelling itself is dangerous, but everything we do in life has an element of danger to it. We just learn how to either ignore or cope with that feeling. 

So I’d say the big takeaway from this is that life is a ride, and we’re here to enjoy it through the best means we know how: travelling.

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