Goa In July

Goa in July is a dream come true! Yes, you read that right! One would think of Goa during the Diwali vacations or the New Year season, but July is a magical time to visit Goa. The monsoons are in full swing and the whole state is drenched in greenery and romance! Here is a download of what to do and how to experience Goa during the rains!

Things to do

  • At the top of your list should be a visit to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls. It is at its mightiest best during monsoons and the sight is mesmerizing. Better to go by car and not the trek it since the path could be moist and slippery during the rains.
  • Another to do while you are in Goa in July is to visit all the gorgeous Spice Plantations that are there. There is the Savoi, the Sahakari Spice Farms, and the Tropical Spice Plantations to choose from. The flora and fauna around the plantations are a treat.
  • The Forts offer a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea below. Fort Aguada, Chapora, and Betul are the hot favorites.
  • The Churches of Goa offer a serene refuge from the stormy weather out, so those are a must do!
  • The Touxeachem Fest at the Church of St Anne and the Chikhal Kalo Fest at the Devki – Balakrishna Temple in Marcel are held during this time and are a must see.


Things to do in Goa In july

The Dudhsagar Falls

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churches in Goa

Se Cathedral Church

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The Weather of Goa in July

The weather of Goa in July is relatively cooler than that in the summer months. July is the wettest month of the state and it rains for hours at end. The rains can take a stormy turn and during the times when it doesn’t rain the weather can turn humid, but overall, it is a much more pleasant time to visit Goa.

Weather in Goa in July


As there are fewer tourists visiting Goa in July hotels and accommodations offer rooms and packages on discounts. The rates might not be lower than that on offer during the summer months, but considerably cheaper.
Taking an AirBnB place on rent also seems to be the trend these days since one can get a suitable accommodation to their liking and requirement and also rate. It is a much more comfortable option if you plan to go with your family. You can also book a villa with a private pool to enjoy even better (http://goavillasforrent.com). The rates for cars and bikes for hire are also much lower than peak season.

What to wear in Goa in July

Anything works in Goa! But bearing in mind that it’s the rainy season, pack your bags light. First up carry easy luggage, duffel bags or weekender bags, lugging a suitcase in that weather is not the best idea! Carry clothes that are easy to wear -and dry. Do carry your swimwear, the beach might not be the safest place during the monsoons but your hotel pool definitely is! Carry your umbrella for sure and raincoats are a must for the kids. Sunblock is a must, just because the sun might be playing peek-a-boo doesn’t mean you give the SPF a miss!

what to wear in Goa in July

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The Crowd and Party Scene in Goa in July

The crowd is a little lesser in Goa during July. The water sports are off during this season due to the choppy waters and people are warned against getting into the sea. The number of shacks is less and only the permanent ones remain. Most party places tend to undergo renovation and staff takes leave during this season. Flea markets are also not set up since the rains play spoilsport.

Crowd In Goa in July

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Going to this magical place is quite like a personalized experience. You get to see the place in a new light altogether. Do not miss out on such an opportunity!

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